Thank you for visiting the Land Rover Japan website. Below we will guide you through the process of purchasing a Land Rover in Japan. There are some elements of the purchasing process that are unique to Japan and we hope that the following information will assist you in your purchase. 

The Purchasing Process and Documents Required: 

Detailed information on the full range of Land Rover products can be found on the Land Rover Global Website. Please view the Global Website to determine your model of interest. Please be aware that some Land Rover models are not offered for sale in Japan, and that the derivatives available and their specifications may differ from those on the Global Website. Information on the models available in Japan is provided below. 

1 Visit from a Salesperson

Once you have chosen your preferred model, please fill in and submit the Request Form. An English-speaking adviser will contact you and invite you to the dealership of your choice for a test-drive. The adviser will also be able to assist in providing a quotation and will guide you through the payment options available and the vehicle registration procedure.

2 Documents Required

*Certificate of Signature: You will need a certificate of signature for official documents and contracts. (If you have a legal "hanko" seal, this also acceptable). Certificates of Signature can be acquired by registering your signature at your country’2s embassy in Japan. Your embassy will then issue you with the relevant certificate. Please contact your embassy for further details.

*Garage Certificate: All vehicles require proof of a legally valid parking space in order to be registered. Garage Certificates are issued by your local police office. Please feel free to contact your salesperson if you would like them to obtain the certificate on your behalf. 

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