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Jaguar Land Rover has made a strategic decision, following the end of Defender production, to withdraw from its previous ‘export partner’ coverage. The current very low volumes and projected sales levels are not commercially viable. The situation might be reviewed in the future but for the time being there will not be an Official Jaguar Land Rover sales or service network in these markets.

We wish to assure customers that even without a Network, Jaguar Land Rover are still fully committed to supporting them and their vehicle, with suitable warranty arrangements. Customers will have a choice of repairer, and a simple process for approvals and payment of agreed warranty repairs.

We have written to individual customers, but if you have not received such a letter, or just wish to have full details of the process to follow, please contact us by email at the address below.

If you experience any issues with your vehicle or have any questions you should contact the Jaguar Land Rover Call Centre at the email address below: